in my every step.
in my every breath.
and in every part in my heart and mind.

I always think of you.
though I never knew your way.
although I can only fantasize about you.
but I want to always be a shadow that you always know where you are
never felt the presence

but I do not care.
about your response to me.
if you still think about me?
if you stay awake for me?

maybe this is my big mistake.
like love you too deeply.

I was in a dark alley with no light.
I felt every edge of the hall and shouted your name.
and I can only walk straight to reach you.
until I fell and no one helped me.
as I hope to reach your hand to me and raised me.

my mistakes and my stupidity
My regret is nothing.
but my grace come through you.

and I just want you to know.
a sense of this in our hearts
no regrets, but the privilege.

did you ever think about me?
Did you still awake for me?
would if you greet me with a smile?
Can you mention my name just once?

poems for gravit , you are my vitamins , ever had

grvt. rio Sadewa


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