the name on the pulse

at every night on every day.
i always engraved your name
in my every breath
in each of my pulse

I’ll never know why this happened
when everything is a dream
and maybe forever

I realize that.
I realized all that had happened
and this is not a dream
This is such a beautiful reality.

You are an angel disguise.
beautiful angel
but I never knew your presence
jusy from the fairy tale that tells you in heaven.

and you are my fire
that warms me every night
but I will never touch you
only you can feel the presence and guard your presence

I’m comfortable like this
when love was growing in the fantasy
when your name flows in my pulse everytime

i always dreaming
when you held my hand and said
I love you
and when you looked at my face and said
I really need you

but whether it will be realize ?
but now I’m proud to be your shadow
and followed every step you and i will lost in your darkness

in every lonely night
when I think of you down,
I have prepared a broken heart
when I saw the stars and choose each one
I must be ready to lose you

I was not as perfect as the person you admire
that every his words you like
I was just dust,
mixed with air into your life

and I was the air that you never seen but always wanted to give you the living .

riosadewa – grvt.


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