last poems for you .

I already know it all,
about you, about everything of you.
maybe this story is too far .
and very painfull .

I understand about your true love.
of ignorance.
and about himself.
that makes me down.

I’m sorry to always disturb your life .
but you always makes me hopeful.
and I’ll never forget this.
you are still my vitamins
my eternal sadness drug
and viruses my eternal sincerity.

you are my star.
shining light in my dark night.
you are my blood.
that flows in each of these breath.

but I’ll try to let you go.
it release all.
our story.
I’ve prepared a broken heart.
from all this started.
and today is my toughest test.
when I know it all.

I will not be able to say goodbye.
I can not say a word before you.
this story.
I’m hanging tight.
and only you can open it.
with love.

flying is you my angel.
take him flying high.
leave me alone, with your dreams.

you still is my blood.
you still is my vitamins.
you still is my life.
you still is my GRAVIT.

I was in a hallway.
the dark without light.
and I saw you at the end of the hallway.
I ran to reach you.
without leaving me a bit tired
and one more step.
I saw there was someone there by your side
and hold your hand.
and then it ended.
like the end of my life one day.

and I think I have to end.
thank you my inspiration.

nyd .

rio sadewa . (last poems to gravit , greatest reason to addict vitamins)


5 Responses to “last poems for you .”

  1. keren kak ! keep posting

  2. justine Says:

    gue ga kenal lo, gue ga tau lo siapa. tapi gue suka banget puisi lo ini. keep posting ya

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