best and worst day !

the happiest day of my life.
when I see every step.
every word you said.
and every smile you have .

I swear
I never had feeling like this before.
and you’re the first.
makes my mad crush.

you’re the best.
during my search,
I assure my heart on this night,
the night to thinking of you

looking at the sky and stars.
make smoke with your name.
beuty moon shining like your smile.
and make my heart fly to your heart.

you who made me smile
from the lips that never smiled with relief as this.
because you are making me crazy .

run around the world.
climb the highest peak.
or see millions of beautiful women.
not as beautiful tonight.

You are a shining like a white light.
you are the moon that always looks beautiful
You are the keepers and you are always awake in my heart.
and you are my little angel who will never disappear.

thank you for this night.
you give me your beauty smile.
smile that was only a fantasy for me.
and makes me forget everything .

white paper which I hold.
and I write your name with ink.
makes me happy.
and this hand, engraved with your initials.
above my veins.

air may god blessed you.
hopefully in a thousand bellows breath,
give a little for me.

I’ll never let you go.
I’ll never let you fall and stepped on.
I’ll never let you in the front, because I was in front of you and keep you.

your smile is the most beautiful.

every word from you is a poem for me.
each sigh breath is a melody for me.
every trace of you is my life purpose.
and every your movement make me smile more.

My living hall’s back light.
I turn around and run fast.
even though my injury was prevented.
and I was a loser.
and you will give the best, I dedicate my life to you.

every word from you is a poem for me.
each sigh breath is a melody for me.
every trace of you is my life purpose.
and every movement you make me smile more.

This evening I will never forget.
my lifetime.
you are my little angel.

remains to be my vitamins.
and my grief reliever medication.

I love you gravit.

and in the next minutes .
i see something make me down
and this is the end of it all 😦

this is your twitter background.
thanks for everything love .



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