really i love you ?

reach you,
was too far away,
I never understood why I could be like this
honestly, I admire to you.

I feel your every step is very significant.
every breath of you is so rhythmic.

you come at the right time.
when I fell and full of hope
you raise me and make me smile
but really I love you?

you’re so beautiful.
so make me fly
and I’m always comfortable when you’re near me.
but really I love you?

I declare that to my heart
not with a brain that thinks appropriate logic
but the heart of mind will always be in love.
but really I love you?

I am not as perfect person in your past
who has everything.

but I feel so lucky if you were at my side
and I was feeling comfortable
but really I love you?

This expectation is always there.
to be someone who matters to you
to be a beautiful part of your new page
to be half of your soul
but really I love you?

i’m still here
who always smiling in front of you
who always there in times when you need me.
but really i love you?

I was on this earth
and you were in the sky
you are always with the stars that make my world shine
that makes my world to find the identity
but if I love you?

I am fire
who burning everything in front of me
I never expected people
and you are water
you’re the only one of which can relieve my emotions
makes me more calm.
I need you to live
but really I love you?

here I stand and silently
I looked at your face is so perfect
my lips silent and frozen
and I love you

I was not the best, and I never expect much for this.
I know I came too fast.
but I do not want to go faster. *


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