ready to love , ready to lost

when love must choose
It is when people love to hate
at the time that the selfish of you appear
I never force you to choose

but this situation makes me wonder
makes me sink
I’m ready for something worst
which should I know what it is

stepped back without a purpose
without beginning and without end
with a single hope
and only got one reason

I saw something that struck me
when you choose something that becomes your past
you reopen the story with a smile
that made me cry behind a smile

all this is the end of all my struggles
to beat your past
not defeat you
but only the past is that you can change
and make you shine again

shine and give me a smile
make him happy ,
in your arms
make his feel perfectly
perfect as me , when i beside you

keep all these memories into a crate of rotten
drop all of our stories into the deepest abyss in the earth
forget me like you’ve tried to put the past behind you
make me smile when no one you here again

My crystal angels fly,
reach the sky thought i never beside you again
Go to your dreams
along with him better than me

you break my dreams
but you publish your happiness
and that was enough to make me happy:)

I hope you can find a something better there.



One Response to “ready to love , ready to lost”

  1. What a great poem!
    Selamat Hari Pi kawan! ( )

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